Digital Marketing Strategies: Brand Positioning

When it comes to digital marketing strategies for market positioning, we have several, the 4p’s, Porter’s five forces... Etc But the one that always work for me is the Brandpositioningmapping : These maps are not, however, built from your views of your marketplace(*) but from the perceptions of consumers,

These maps give a clear view, albeit a little subjective, of where your brand or products sit versus your competitors. Most perceptual maps are drawn with two axes, X and Y.

They intersect each other in the centre and so form a cross. This is not the only way to draw a positioning map but it is by far the most common.

What you choose to place on the axes is up to you and you therefore need to consider the variables in your industry and what is the goal of your research. If for instance we were to draw a map of automotive brands using the scales of practicality and affordability (see image)

we can see quite clearly where the direct #competition lies in terms of perception and where there may be gaps in the market.

This is also useful to determine where your brand is perceived to be and can help you to construct your strategy for moving your brand to where you want it to be.

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